Zeitschild Skincare, the next generation in skin care

Here at Filleruniverse we are very proud to launch and offer our customers these new innovative skincare products for sale on our website. 

Innovative skin care remodelled using emulsifier-free creams. If you are looking for a high-quality skin care product suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, then Zeitschild is the answer. Zeitschild has redefined skin care by mimicking the skin's lipid structure. By being identical to the skin, it will strengthen, restore and regenerate the natural barrier function of even the most sensitive skin types.

Zeitschild products can achieve this because of their innovative OrthoLamellar Technology (OLT®). Zeitschild products are suitable for both preventive applications in the anti-ageing Skin Aesthetics product range as well as for therapeutic applications in the Derma Systems range. All skincare products are free of emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes, cortisone, colorants, silicones, mineral oils and paraffin.

Zeitschild is recommended by dermatologists, aesthetic practitioners, plastic surgeons, family doctors, company doctors and anti-ageing specialists



Zeitschild products redefine natural skin care. Healthy skin requires high-quality care on a daily basis, both in the short and long term. Through our unique mix of highly effective and high-value active ingredients, we are able to combine nature, technology and skin. As a result, the skin's beauty is maintained, its protective function is strengthened and its fresh natural radiance is preserved. In addition to the individual ingredients and active substances, the key factor here is their interaction in and on the skin. All active substances and ingredients complement each other perfectly. Ingredients that are foreign to the skin and superfluous will be avoided permanently. - OL Technology OrthoLamellar Technology or OLT® is the innovative step in the development of lamellar cosmeceuticals and is totally unique when it comes to barrier technologies.

For this reason, it has been patented internationally. - SELF-REGENERATION OF THE SKIN THROUGH OLT® OLT® is very close in structure to the intercellular lipids of the stratum corneum, which is our skin lipid barrier, and thus contributes to the skin's capacity for regeneration. OLT® is based on a high percentage of membrane lipids. These match the orthorhombic, crystalline structure or intercellular lipid structure of healthy skin.

Zeitschild products ensure the rapid restoration of the lipid barrier. In doing so, our serums act as a bridge to the deeper layers of the epidermis. -

PLANT-BASED AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS The development of OLT® combined ingredients from plants (cuticular growth) and from the body's own substances (membrane lipids). The reproduction of a healthy skin structure allows a damaged barrier structure to be rebalanced. OrthoLamellar Technology OLT®-based Zeitschild products provide an ideal basis for taking care of sensitive and damaged skin. Our fields of application: Sensitive skin Skin care for eczema in children and adults Rosacea - redness Pruritus (itchiness) Psoriasis - scaling skin Sun allergy - dermatitis solaris - PLE Scar treatment Baby care - diaper rash Age-related dermatitis Pressure sores Skin care for diabetes Supportive care therapy Product information -

Skin Aesthetics: Active against ageing of the skin -

Derma Systems: For sensitive skin 

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