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Innovation is key. When patients expect always better aesthetic results, products need to be constantly thought over and practitioners are eager to continuously improve their skills and discover new and proven treatment options. Trust is also key. Products and techniques must be validated so that patients get what they expect.

Since TEOXANE Laboratories were founded 15 years ago, our fundamental principle has been to satisfy a very demanding market by creating innovative products of the highest quality with the highest safety standards. 2015 marked a new era of dynamic aesthetics, as we continue in the tradition of excellence and innovation in hyaluronic acid. TEOXANE Laboratories are introducing several major breakthroughs.

First of all, we developed a cutting-edge innovation: the extraordinary TEOSYAL®RHA, a resilient HA gel line which sets new standards in fillers. Its dynamic network was specifically developed by our R&D department to adapt to the movements and dynamism of the face. After a 9-month follow-up in a prospective clinical study, we are proud to release the 4 resilient gels for clinicians around the world* and the benefit of their patients.

Officially introduced in January 2015, the amazing TEOSYAL®PEN is taking HA injections to a whole new level. This first cordless, motorized hyaluronic acid injection system has been tested with hundreds of patients and results show how it helps doctors give their patients what they except: natural results, shorter recovery time and less pain.

It is also with patients’expectations in mind that TEOXANE Laboratories developed a Cosmeceuticals range in 2009 and keeps innovating year after year. The tear trough is a main area of concern for patients and the success of Redensity [II] Hyaluronic Acid filler confirms it. The brand new R[II] EYES eye contour brings our knowledge of this particularly delicate area to daily care.
We strongly believe that these innovations will have a real impact on the Aesthetic Medicine market, as patient demand for such procedures should increase substantially. This mission of innovation and confidence brings TEOXANE Laboratories among the top international leaders in pharmaceutical aesthetics, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Over the past year, we crossed a major milestone of 6 million injections worldwide, and this continues to grow.