Biotrisse Classic Volume 25  (2X1ml)

Biotrisse Classic Volume 25 (2X1ml)


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A Classic preparation with cross-linked hyaluronic acid for natural volume augmentation and correction of medium-to-deep wrinkles and folds. Reticulated hyaluronic acid-based gel for intradermal implantation.

Contains: 2 disposable sterile syringes each containing 1 ml of reticulated Hyaluronic Acid-based gel (25 mg / ml), 4 sterile disposable needles 27G 1/2″ (CE 0476).

Important: the dermal injection treatment must be performed by an authorised practitioner in accordance with country regulations.

Concentration 25 mg / ml
Reticulation level ○○○○ high
Volumization level 3+
Correction areas Nasolacrimal furrows
Glabellar wrinkles
Corners of the mouth
Forehead wrinkles
Genital area
Indications Correction of deep and mid-level wrinkles
Contour correction
Volume modeling of the lips
Deep creases ( breakdown of the structural contours of the skin )
Injection depth Mid-level / deep dermis
Injection methods Linear
Retrograde volume
Bolus injection at the periosteum level
Effective for 8–10 months
Session schedule A repeat procedure for contour plasticity is recommended in 6–9 months. There is a cumulative volume maintained and prolonged effect with repeat sessions
Package 2 × 1 ml in a soft blister pack
Needle 4 × 27G 1/2
Post-procedure set for correction zones 1 × 5 ml Biotrisse CHA Cream (Post-filler cream)
1 × 5 ml Biotrisse CHA Serum (Post-filler serum)