Biotrisse Polynucleo Buster 2.0  (2X1ml)

Biotrisse Polynucleo Buster 2.0 (2X1ml)


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Polynucleotide-based booster for young skin exposed to aggressive environmental factors; for sensitive areas and eye contour; prevention of skin ageing.

Contains: 2 disposable sterile syringes containing 1 ml of polymerized polynucleotide-based gel for intradermal implantation (20 mg/ml ), 4 disposable sterile needles 30G 1/2″ ( CE 0476 ).

Important: the dermal injection treatment must be performed by an authorised practitioner in accordance with country regulations.

Ingredients polymerized polynucleotides (PDRNs): 20 mg / ml (250–350 kDa)
Sterile normal saline solution
Uses and recommendations For problem skin that has been damaged by an aggressive environment
For prevention of age-related skin changes
For activating healing in damaged skin
For correction of small wrinkles
For intensive hydration
As a general fortifying procedure for preparing/regenerating skin tissue prior to/after any invasive or aggressive actions on the skin (laser procedures, injections, peeling)
For decreasing the rate of biodegradation of cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers
Correction areas Face
Periorbital area
Cheeks and cheekbones
Back of the hands
Upper arms
Abdominal skin
The skin of the buttocks
Indications Surface wrinkles
Mid-size scars
Photo-damaged skin
Skin with low tonicity and elasticity loss
Failure of the skin’s barrier function
Skin with lowered immunity
Applications As a light filler/bio-repairer and biorevitalizer
Injection methods Micro-papule
Retrograde-linear at the deep dermis level
Package 2 × 1 ml (polynucleotide viscous solution in a single-use syringe, each in a sterile medical blister pack)
4 sterile single-use 30G ½” needles