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LINERASE is a medical device class III. The pharmacodynamic properties of this Medical Device become part of the cellular mechanism fibroblast stimulating an intense production of new active fibroblasts with consequent production of collagen. This particular feature is crucial in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. The LINERASE Collagen is used by nearly 30 years in the healing of skin ulcers, bed sores and post-operative wounds. LINERASE is a safe product, no reported side effects and does not induce allergic reactions.

COMPOSITION Collagen Type I heterologous powder

DESCRIPTION Each bottle contains 100 mg of LINERASE of equine type I collagen powder, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

INDICATIONS LINERASE is indicated in the regeneration of skin tissue and can be indicated as an adjunct in the cutaneous biorevitalization (dermo regeneration) favoring the regeneration of the connective tissue of the dermis, creating optimal conditions for the physiological collagen neoformation. It is used for treating chrono and photo-aging of the face and body.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE LINERASE , before use, should be reconstituted with saline or water ppi (5 ml). The product is administered through intradermal infiltration , with the use of small needles (4mm from 30 G to 30 G 12 mm). Intradermal infiltration can only be carried out by medical personnel. LINERASE finds specific indication in the stimulation of the cellular mechanism fibroblastic, with neoformation of endogenous collagen responsible for the development of new fibroblasts and, therefore, again filling tissue. The device is disposable.

This device is to be injected into the dermis or the mucous membrane of the lips by a qualified doctor, according to local legislation. The doctor's technical skills is essential for the success of the treatment, and the device should be used by physicians who have received specific training on the technique of filling injections. After its administration is important to massage the treated area to be assured of a uniform distribution of the product.

Perform the test for intradermal infiltration. The product is hypoallergenic There are no reported side effects.