Neauvia Intense Lips 1x1ml

Neauvia Intense Lips 1x1ml

iTP Biomedica

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Intense Lips contains 24 mg/ml of HA to provide optimal results in delicate lips area. Suitable for augmentation, contouring and revitalization of lips. Intense Lips users can be sure of its highest quality thanks to the usage of the safest materials in the production process (BSHA, PEG), offering extraordinary properties of the hydrogel.

In addition to hyaluronic acid it contains amino acids - Glycine and L-Proline - that are main ingredients of collagen. This dedicate preparation gives special elasticity to the polymer’s chains and permit it to overcome the mechanical stress the lips are submitted. This improvement give a natural touch perception.


  • Optimal amount of HA for natural effect and patient's comfort
  • Highest quality raw materials (BSHA and PEG)
  • Real 3D structure
  • Slow biodegradation and long lasting results


24mg/ml, cross-linked with PEG


Lips augmentation and modelling




Glycine and L-Proline