Revanesse Ultra 2x1ml

Revanesse Ultra 2x1ml


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The Revanesse family of products is a collection of injectable dermal fillers that are used to treat singns of aging. The products have been developed to smooth out lines and wrinkles, shape and contour facial features and add volume, creating more younthul look.

The Revanesse line incorporates Thixofix cross-linkink technology, resulting in high quality, safe and long-lasting dermal fillers. The products are biodegradable and non-animal, using the highest concentrarion of hyaluronic acid (HA) available in addition to the rejuvenating properties of non cross-linked HA.

Revanesse Ultra is a high viscosity, long-lasting gel used to treat deep and more pronounced lines. Ultra can be used to treat nasolabial folds, marionette lines, deep wrinkles and folds and enhance mid-face volumization.


  • High viscosity (thickness)
  • Cross linked hyaluronic acid gel: 25mg/ml concentration
  • Disposable glass syrigne, 30G needle 
  • Injected in the med to deep dermis
  • Remanence 12-18 months