REVOLAX™ SUB-Q  with Lidocaine

REVOLAX™ SUB-Q with Lidocaine

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REVOLAX™ SUB-Q with Lidocaine is biodegradable, non-animal based, Crosslinked Dermal Filler for subcutaneous implantation.

With its advanced ability to mould, maintain structure and longevity, it is recommended for treatment of deep sized to extremely severe wrinkles including nasolabial’s and face (cheek, chin, forehead, breast or nose) contours.

– HA concentration 24mg/ml
– Lidocaine HCl 0.3%
– Volume 1.1m

– Duration: 12~18months

– CE Approved

About Revolax:

“Revolax” is a quality Crosslinked Dermal Filler, which has clinical/comparison studies in which it’s compared with major global brands including Juvederm, where the product is very evenly matched when it comes to quality, longevity and ease of use.