Zeitschild Neckline Decollete Cream Serum

Zeitschild Neckline Decollete Cream Serum

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This firming and highly concentrated serum cream has a lasting and firming effect on even the deepes wrinkles. It also has extremely mousturizing and nourishing properties! 

As a result, the contours of the neckline and decolette are nicelt smoothed out! 

Suitale for all skin types, even for very sensitive or dry skin. 

The synergistic combination of the peptide stimulators such as elastin, collagen, troxerutin and four different types of hyaluronic acid, each with a different molecular weight, undeniably provides a distinct holistic approach. 

This firming formula consists of a combination of highly effective active ingredients that reinforce each other for the regeneration, protection nd firming of the specific skin of the neckline and decollete.